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Serpi Boa constrictor

Pret: 1 RON
Data: 24.10.2014
For sale captive breed:Boa constrictor Albino Sharp,babies,male and female – 60cm,9pieces x 100euro. Boa constrictor Albino Sharp,adult,male -1piece,140cm x 250euro. Boa constrictor Albino Sharp,female - 90cm,2pieces x 160euro. Boa constrictor imperator Normal,adult,female - 10kg,1piece x 300euro. Boa constrictor CA Motley 66% het Snow Kahl,adult,female - 130cm,2pieces x 300euro. Boa constrictor constrictor Surinam,male - 60-80cm,3pieces x 150euro. Acrantophis madagascariensis,adult,male and female - 1,1 - 700euro pair. Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis tangerine albino 1m,male - 1piece x 100euro. Lampropeltis triangulum nelsoni, albino,35cm,1piеce - 50euro. Pantherophis(Elaphe) guttata,120cm,female,1piеce - 50euro. Eryx(Gongylophis) colubrinus loveridgei,45cm,male,1piеce x 60euro. More info on mail!